Brand Development Meets Social Solutions


The left side of the brain is all about data and mechanics … it’s the science side of things. Pretty creative only scratches the surface. Understanding the data to make sure your message is shared with your desired audience gets deep into the conversation.

Look Both Ways

There are always two sides to a story. Staying relevant means understanding both sides. Seeking out trends and crafting messages that connect engages audiences.

Ground / Running

thinkleftward is ready when you are – coming & going, let’s meet where the action is, where the audience is – and get out in front of the competition

Words Matter

When you tell your story it should be with purpose + passion.

It should also be directly in line with your audience, surroundings, current situation and climate, and all the other factors that play in the background.

That’s where the data meets the ideas.

#local is the Community You Cultivate

Your idea of local is up to you and it’s not set by physical boundaries.
Your community is what you make it.
Your neighbors are all around you.

Let’s talk directly to them.